Authentic pictures are easy to snag online, so they in no way should be taken as an accurate representation of any designer products that they are selling. Also if you have yet to get a close up look at counterfeit ladies designer shoes and sandals, you would be amazed at how bad the quality is. In fact you can buy better quality shoes from the bargain basements on the high street.

Global Feet. This place is what Santa Barbara would be if it was inhabited by cheap ugg boots instead of people. It funky, artsy, and it makes fashion its business. Youl find Diesel shoes by the horde in this shop, and plenty of new and interesting styles to show off to your friends. Global Feet also has sales pretty frequently, so you never know when the pair of shoes youe been lusting after will be off.

 For instance rule #1 is to check that country of origin that any site youre considering is based out of. You see, its now a law that all websites must have the operators location posted in plain sight somewhere on one of its pages. So then what are you looking for when youre checking this info? Youre looking for sites that are based out of Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and especially China. Or worse yet, a site that has no home address listed at all. You really should simply avoid these types of online marketing venues, no matter how good the ladies designer shoes and sandals look in the photos.

Flip Flop Shops. Does what it says on the label, and who can complain? In a city of almost perpetual sunlight and warmth, flip flops are truly cheap ugg boots to beat. Flip Flop Shops specializes and that makes them the king of open-toed, floppy-soled shoes. You can sometimes find coupons for this shop online or happen upon one of their great sales on a slow week. Buy ten pairs of flip flops from this store and youl be set.


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